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Co-Founder / Head of Content
Marketing Operations

In November 2019, I quit everything. Perfect timing, I know.

The reason for this was a vision that I had to start a new kind of marketing agency. This agency would do something truly revolutionary, get back to the basics of producing high=class and precision-based marketing campaigns. Thus, with only four clients to start with, ELITE Marketing was born.

After working for a colossal education technology company, running content marketing operations, I became disenchanted with how large companies operate today. In an effort to be continually innovating and consistently progressing, the granular details of producing a quality product is often lost.

In marketing, this is probably more true than with many other industries. Many marketing agencies are obsessed with leveraging new platforms and trying to find the next best thing. In an attempt to be a jack of all trades, they spread themselves thin and never really excel at anything. These results, or lack thereof, carries over to their customers.

This marketing method doesn’t sit well with me, especially when there is so much to be gained by just getting back to the basics of marketing and doing them well. So, together with my business partner, who shares the same ideas, ELITE Marketing began.

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